a lighter and higher note for this post. kicking it up to a C# rather than a Bb. one could call it... a noteworthy change. whelp, probably best for me to move on before the puns take over again.

[continued after homework is done : / ]

[that's a god damn lie]



a well-needed refreshing day. doylestown venture with R, B, B, N, and D. i don't want to specify people for some odd reason, all that matters is that i know who they are. a spectacularly nice day to bask in the wonderful company of those i enjoy being around. it's a day that i can smile and sigh, knowing that for the rest of my life, i want to know these people. i don't have the expectation of all of them staying in the same area, business and life will carry them elsewhere. hell, maybe some will stay and i'll be the one to journey far away. but i know, that at the core, they're individuals i want in my life. maybe it will be a catching up gathering every few years, maybe even just e-mail or aim... but really, they're such great people.

if i was posting this publicly on facebook, i would fear for sounding cheesy, but with my own personal journal, i feel unbound, to write as words come to these very fingertips. rolling to the end of my college career of 5 years, i can proudly boast knowing these individuals for 7+ years of my life. at the very least, these individuals have been there for 1/3 of my life, which is really a feat.


sé lest

takk takk takk takk. solid-io sigur rós album.

well, this song aside, i've been on quite the piano spree as of late. dismally, it's not because i've been playing piano as of late, it's due to the fact that i want to play piano.

[more later]

[actually, i mean never again. sort of similar]


eros' entropic tundra

'the unrequited kind is all I have procured'

half true i suppose. it's not the most form-fitting song for me. it's not like all of my experiences are with unrequited love, but from time to time i find myself swooning over a girl i know that i will never have the guts to approach. oh of montreal, what would i do without your silliness in my life. they have a song called 'tim, i wish you were born a girl'. COME ON. if that's not amazing, i don't know what is (seriously, i don't. i find coffee mints mind blowing, so i'm not the best indicator)

procastination to the n'th degree is what i find myself in now. i piled up all this work for myself for the early part of this week and now i pay the price. a slew of presentations and tests all nicely balled up for some good ol' quality frustration and stress. or i can just create my own word for it, frustressing. (watch out webster's dictionary, we've got a hot case of a word dickery here)