i'm a cuckoo

classes have begun and the windows are opening. well, half open at least. it's an interesting blend of old and new with this semester. i see students all over campus and can't help but think of how i'm easily 4 years old than probably around 1/4 of them. dang, seniority never felt so bad.

well graduating and moving on IS a plus i guess, even if it feels the other way around sometimes.

my one friend was brilliant enough to stow away the pokemon toys from burger king when the first pokemon movie came out. he was cleaning out his closet and decided to give me his whole set (a total of aboot 8 or 9 to complete my life). so instead of watching them tumble into the trash, i took the honor of these little pokeballs into my life. i'm going to try and wear them around campus, a different one every day. they clip fashionably onto a belt loop and just dangle. they are able to be opened and have a small pokemon toy inside. while most of the campus finds it's absurd and one step beyond lame, i kind of like it. it's a way to let people know how much i really just want to be me. it's a nerdy declaration to double underline the aura that i already give off.

i've been drawing a metric assload lately (yes, that's a technical term). it's really comforting and i really notice that i'm progressing with my style instead of bawling about it. i'm no longer complaining (well, not complaining AS much) and actually just taking initiative to further my ability. go me. it really does make me feel a bit better about myself, that i finally got over my fear of drawing around others. fuck them, if i want to draw, i'm gonna draw.

and whatever, if people make fun of me, i'll just draw them being assulted by like, cookie monster or some shiz.

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