to think thy centre

first of all, i suck at actually focusing on writing. i make a mental note to sit down at work and say, i'm going to scribe the hell out of you (talking to a blank page). well, actually doing my job takes absolute priority, so that eats away at some of the oh so scrumptious time.

random note to self #1: i want to get a book published. it would not be anything world changing, not a lustrous gem among the rough. maybe even just a short story would satisfy me. i think i want to get something published just to prove something to myself. i've never been the most solid of writers, but enough to excel when a topic graced my fancy in class. i feel that if i could get a book published, writing being one of my weaknesses, i really could do as i pleased. it would be the initiator to the fact i don't have any limitations and that i really can do something if i put my mind to it. note to myself on reread #2: that last sentence sounded really gay.

my next point to address, an art exhibit in the nearby county. york county i believe it is. it's a juried exhibit, so i thought it would be a pleasant way to motivate myself to keep drawing. i've been trailing in my doodles and sketches a bit as of late, so i think this juried exhibit would be a rejuvenating experience for me.

the semester has started off with a bang. i really feel knee-deep in the finance world now, dipping in with my econometrics (seriously? i think it makes me feel smart when i tell people i have that class. what classes do you have? derp-a-derp geography. what classes do you have? sweet moses econometrics. make sure to have extra emphasis on the 'metrics' part of that. just to recall, that was italics AND bold.)

random note to self #3: use the word juggerslut more often.

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