the underdog

a textrific adventure to start my, well actually, end my night. due to my lack of a car and carpool, i'm going to have a joyous hour walk home tonight. while i prep my terribly out-of-shape legs for the journey of their lifetime, i can't help but feel this is my well-deserved punishment for still not having my driver's license. it's really driving me crazy. sorry that you had to pain through that, italics.

i think sometimes that i'm a weird absurd person, without vocalizing it or making it known sometimes. for instance, while listening to the tiny asian professor next door, my first thought was that i was damn hungry for pork fried rice. also, as a sidenote, i don't mean that in a sexual way at all. i mean, i'm sure my friends are well-versed in my strange habits and quirks. i find it kind of amusing when it sneaks out to people that don't know me that well. i've confided in the fact that i look like i would be a creeper or a hardcore nerd (i'm only one of the two, thank god), but don't let it get the best of me. the soul and source of me acting like myself still can blossom.

thank god for the more advanced classes. i reminisce of the massive freshman lecture halls that used to haunt me. nowadays i get treated to the scrumptious taste of 10 to 20 student classes with more one-on-one action. self note #4: wow, half the shit i type sounds sexual without me even trying. one-on-one action? balls. i swear i got tingles from my econometrics class today when we went through a full balls to the wall complex problem to figure out the correlation coefficient. if that's not proudly being a dork, i'm not really sure what is.

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