i have to say that i didn't think i would neglect this lj for this long. i know it's only been a matter of weeks, but time seems to be spiraling out of control for me. what seemed like only a brief amount of time was actually almost half of the semester. i remember moving into this old farmhouse/ apartment thing and wishing school would just start already. now, on the 17th of october, i find myself wanting so badly for things to slow down. i'm almost afraid of what is to come when the spring semester rolls around. a real job (or maybe an internship first? weird.) i'm not really sure which direction this will go.

i feel it as a necessity to uproot myself and make the move when i graduate. if i don't, i worry about being stuck in the same situation day in and day out. do i despise bucks county or berks county? not really, i like them both quite a bit.

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