the persuaded

faded paper figures - the persuaded, youtube that shit stat. or north by north, whichever is easier on the fingers to type.

now, i type here on the fact that so much is just bouncing around in my skull right now. i haven't found myself this overwhelmed in a long time. i not even entirely which emotion is among the top right now.

at what point does a relationship become too much to handle? there's no quantitative measurement for feelings and love, there's no breaking point of cost being more than benefit. there's no break-even value. mathematics and economics can't be applied, as can anything else.

maybe it's just a case that i expected a relationship to build and grow in a certain direction when it went in another. i wasn't able to predict where things would lead, nor should i be able to accurately do that. i'm well aware i cannot compare relationships, but after a certain amount of engagements and arguments, doesn't it just all feel unnatural? am i doing something to cause the relationship to not match up well? i just worry that it's sending a sour signal for longer terms.

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