focus on sight

lets break this down a bit. i'm deciding to type out a cloud of thoughts from my mind to this barren blog. it's been abandoned for a month or so, so i find it's time to kick it back in gear.

so now that my last relationship has been done for a few weeks, my mind tends to wonder about other individuals. not that i want to hastily get into a new relationship or anything, i'm just in that mode where i'm curious about others and sometimes consider. for example, last night in the coffee shop a young high schooler tried to get closer to me, obviously i knew i was probably 5+ years older than her, so i avoided that situation like the plague. but in all honesty, it really brought to light the reality of just how many people there are out there.

there are so many individuals out there, and the scary part is that i'll never interact with 99% of them. it's so absurd to think of the limitations as far as dating are concerned. even if one attempts to expand their horizon with online dating and the like, online dating only adds a small margin because it's not commonly used and oftentimes looked down on.

if only i could somehow type up like 5 pages about the core of myself and send it to every girl in the world.

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