first of all, why the hell do candles have that annoying shape to them. it's like it's perfectly set to make it completely impossible to reach down that far to get the fire to the wick. it's like the candle companies are taunting you, HEY BITCH, GOOD LUCK USING THIS CANDLE AFTER THE HALFWAY POINT WITH ANYTHING EXCEPT MATCHES. i end up looking like a master flipping the candle upside-down to light it. maybe there's just a secret hidden candle technique that some know to light it, if so, please let me in on your secret. i promise i won't tell anyone.

the christmas break is chugging along okay. there have been a few bumps in the road, but it has remained relatively quiet. quiet to the point that
i can't complain. i've been enjoying the always exciting company of my friends from back home. it really makes me long for the coming summer, even if a few won't be in town for long.

by the by, the title is from a song i've been addicted to as of late. a song from the grand country of norway (i really hope norway doesn't read this and take it as sarcastic, it's completely sincere)
and da (there in german) is a gorgeous link to the song. (i've always been extra skillful at making links)

wow, actually, the more i think about it, there really is quite a bit of an update. i'm currently trying to immerse myself in the world of photography. an expensive but wonderful world it seems. with a monetary push on the back from my parents, a new DSLR camera is well on its way to my house. my father used to be a rather avid photographer back in the day, so he seems rather thrilled.

wow, i'm such a turbo loser. i was bored so i made myself a little button dinger for this slew of words and the like. boredom can make ya do some crazy stuff, ya know? also, i wanna revamp what my little journal dealio looks like. it's a preset template right now and it's driving me nuts.


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