a-suck on this one, journal. posting twice in a span of three days? juicy. second note, it has just dawned on me how much the term juicy can oftentimes be used in an unsettling way. note to self: avoid that one like the plague in social situations.

i'm back at home for the winter break, so i decide to help with taking some of the boxes up to the attic. you know, the rents' could always use a hand and i'm more than happy to help out. little do i know about the metric crapton of boxes they had. it's like the christmas stuff breeds while it's in the attic, i don't even know where 90% of this stuff came from. evil christmas spawn.


  1. This reminds me of the facebook movie, careful what you write!

  2. haha, why's zat? i haven't seen it yet, so i'm kinda out at sea here