eros' entropic tundra

'the unrequited kind is all I have procured'

half true i suppose. it's not the most form-fitting song for me. it's not like all of my experiences are with unrequited love, but from time to time i find myself swooning over a girl i know that i will never have the guts to approach. oh of montreal, what would i do without your silliness in my life. they have a song called 'tim, i wish you were born a girl'. COME ON. if that's not amazing, i don't know what is (seriously, i don't. i find coffee mints mind blowing, so i'm not the best indicator)

procastination to the n'th degree is what i find myself in now. i piled up all this work for myself for the early part of this week and now i pay the price. a slew of presentations and tests all nicely balled up for some good ol' quality frustration and stress. or i can just create my own word for it, frustressing. (watch out webster's dictionary, we've got a hot case of a word dickery here)

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