gold guns girls

all the choices in the world. is it ever gonna be enough?

i do really wish to make a soundtrack of my life with the tracks from my post titles to listen to later in life. t'would be intertesting.

let me just say that i adore having this. a journal solely for spewing both meaningful and random thoughts into. last night i discovered a strangely delightful twist on a normal method for eating jelly beans. normally when i eat jelly beans, i plunge my hand inside the container and sort them out to remove all of the beans i'm not too fond of. this time, i was laying in my bed in the dark, just soaking in delicious delicious music. in between two particularly great songs, i reached over to grab some jelly beans. i ate them one by one, reveling in each unique flavor instead of pounding them down like i usually do (i'd make a good garbage disposal). i occasionally would hit a flavor i can't stand and toss in 2-3 jelly beans to get the bad flavor away, but it still very enjoyable.

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